Frequently Asked Questions

  • what's with the weird name?

SMØR simply means butter in danish, which is where the owner grew up. The 'o' with a line through it is one of three vowels in the danish alphabet we don't have in the english language.

  • is your production space certified for food production / processing?

Of course :)

  • Why did i find a tiny brown spec in my butter?

The organic sunflower lecithin we use can sometimes stick to itself in very small amounts causing this. please rest assured there is no dirt in your butter.

  • Can i use your butter for cooking and baking?

Certainly, our butter is equally excellent for cooking, baking, and spreading on bread. Just use the same amount by weight as you would dairy butter. If you measure by spoons or cups then add a little extra since our butter is lightly whipped making it take up a little more space.

  • Once i open the container how long will it stay good?

Once you open the package you should generally use it within a couple of weeks. however, that's just a guideline, if you're good about not leaving it out for too long before putting it back in the fridge it can last much longer. on the other hand, if you leave it out for long periods of time it will not last nearly as long. this is because our butter is alive with probiotics.