what we are about

Smør Vegan is a small maker of premium cultured vegan butter located in central oregon.

We firmly believe in the benefits to animal welfare, the environment, and our bodies

from reducing the amount of animal products in our diet, and that it

can be done ethically in a way that does not sacrifice good flavor.

why Smør Vegan Butter ?

- Unsurpassed flavor, most people think so, we hope you agree :)

- cultured, using probiotics it takes 24 hours for our home made cashew crème to culture. This supports a healthy gut and is key to the amazing flavor.

- Environmentally friendly & practical packaging, Our paper based container is quick and easy to use (lid is still plastic, for now), and far more practical than the greasy wax paper seen with some other alternatives.

- All organic ingredients, because.. well, of course.

- spreads easily right out of the fridge, it really does, but how can this be? By lightly whipping the butter just before packaging.

- looks like butter, carrot juice accomplishes this. most people prefer this color and it makes it more palatable for those who are new to plant based butter but want to make the switch.

- incorporating Healthier fats, despite the higher cost we add avocado oil due to its high level of omega-3 fatty acids.

- responsibly sourced, we do our best to source our ingredients responsibly. this can be challenging given our small size but we are growing, and as we do we intend to continuously enhance our focus on the origin of our ingredients.

Customer Testimonials

Soil to Soul NW, Caterer

"It is great for baking and as a replacement for butter in vegan roux. I have used it in soups in my catering and it adds a delicious creamy texture to every dish."

River Paige, Local Customer & Foodie

"This butter is wonderful! I've used it on breads and to make omelettes. It's also perfect for baking. It's honestly the best non-dairy butter I've ever tried (in taste AND ethics of ingredients sourcing). "

Jasmine Saing, Event Producer

"I now request for the caterers of my events to utilize this cultured vegan butter throughout the menus we create. All ingredients are ethically sourced. It is a key value of my event business to work with local farmers and artisans. In every bite of Smør Vegan, you can taste the love and nourishment that was put into creating the product."